CMSA graduates earned the Highest College Persistence Rate

Chicago- Based on the latest data released by Chicago Public Schools (CPS), CMSA graduates earned the highest college persistence rate (86%) among students who graduated in 2012 from non-selective public schools in the city of Chicago.

The College Persistence Rate refers to the percentage of students who return to college for their second year. This accountability metric has recently been included in the School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP) developed by CPS to evaluate high school performance in Chicago Public Schools.  It also serves as a marker for postsecondary education continuation behavior that leads to college graduation.

As a college prep school, CMSA employs two full-time college counselors to assist students with their college applications and one full-time alumni coordinator to help CMSA graduates remain enrolled in college. Among other factors, rising cost of higher education is the top reason why students drop out of college. That is why financial aid and scholarships play an important role in college persistence. At CMSA, the class of 2014 received over $8million merit-based scholarships. Parents also receive periodic information on financial aid during FAFSA nights.

CMSA graduates are currently enrolled in many colleges and universities including University of Chicago, Cornell University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, US Naval Academy, Northeastern University, University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Wisconsin-Madison and as well as city colleges.

“This high rating demonstrates our staff’s commitment to preparing students for college. I am grateful to all our staff members for creating such a school environment,” states Mr. Aydin Kara, principal. “At CMSA we realize that our mission is not only to ensure our students get into college but also support their efforts towards college completion. This high persistence rate is tangible proof that we are on the right track.”

The high college persistence rating is just another of the many accolades received by CMSA. Now in its 10th year of service to the Rogers Park community, CMSA has achieved a level 1 ranking from CPS for the past two consecutive years.

CMSA is managed by Concept Schools, a Chicago-based, not-for-profit charter school Management Company with 30 charter schools in 32 campuses throughout the Midwest.

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